Unclassically trained in the arts. Wildly undisciplined. Usually having no idea what I’m doing, but okay with it. Loving the freedom to test, experiment, fail and create. Always grateful for the experience.

I retired from the biotechnology industry in 2016. Soon after, I found myself searching for a way to challenge my intellect and channel my energy. It had to be something tactile. Something beautiful. Something unruly. If I could do anything I wanted with my newfound free time, what would that be? The answer was simple: creative expression. No rules, no regulations, no one to report to. Nothing between me and that terrifying first step of beginning.

I fell in love with encaustic for all of its complex characteristics. The way that it submits and humiliates. The way that it fills me with joy and wonder. You cannot work with this medium if you are lacking a sense of humor and humility.

For me, encaustic represents freedom and discipline, play and problem solving. My work always comes home to the abstract. It is emotionally charged, always flowing with color, energy, and motion. I have found that encaustic requires surrender and complete respect. Each day is different both emotionally and atmospherically.

The wax never behaves the same from one moment to the next, so I start where I am. Everyday. A beginner, always learning, sometimes victorious, forever at the mercy of this beautifully ancient practice.



2018  2nd Annual “Global Warming is Real” National Juried Encaustic Exhibition, Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe, NM (July – Sept 2018)

2018  “Celebrate Whidbey Artisans” Group Exhibition, The Front Room Gallery, Langley, WA (Sept – Oct 2018)



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